Turnaround and Plant Revisions

Cost efficiency through efficient organisation of shutdown

The quick and successful execution of a shutdown requires detailed planning. We carry out the basic concept inkluding budget compilation and prepare the tender documentation including safety-, quality-and scope planning. In the course of the necessary works also startup- and shutdown periods of the equipment are planned in detail. We provide our customers with precise schedule- and cost controlling, effecive blanking disk management even for complex systems and optimise logistics for component handling on site. 

Safety through inexhaustible resources

Your success is our success. By making use of the extensive experience and resources of Bilfinger Industrial Services. Relax and rely on the in-depth knowlege of more than 3000 employees - expertise covering a wide range - from static via rotating equipment up to E&I. Furthermore, services like scaffolding and insulation are coordinated. At the same time our IT tools record all processes of planning, exection and documentation of your turnaround. By this the process is made transparent - and can now be precisely assessed and monitored.

Detailed data collection for further shutdowns 

The data, collected by the planning tool, enable complete documentation of all activities during the turnaround process. Results are detailed work-, repair and damage reports, standardised protocols, updates on isometry as well as detailed documentation of all costs arisen. By this, a relible data base is created enabling the customer to calculate future works with precise figures.