[Translate to English:] Elektro-, Mess-, Steuer-, und Regelungstechnik

Maintenance and system support

  • Maintenance works in the field of E&I
  • Maintenance, testings of all E&I-equipment on site and in specialist workshops (also former plants)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Full plant revision
  • E&I modification works and small installations in the field of maintenance
  • On-site programme adaptations and configuration of SPS and PLS systems

Energy- and installation technology

  • Assembly and production of control cabinet
  • Low voltage distributor
  • Motor distributors, combined control and power distributors
  • Control distributors (consoles, control points)
  • Frequency converter cabinets
  • SPS and PLS distributors, safety controls
  • Network cabinet, bus cabinets
  • Special junction boxes
  • Light distributor

Installation technology

  • budgeting process for E&I plant modifications
  • Installation planning, -management and -execution
  • Electrical installations
  • Sensors, actuators, transducers, etc.
  • Pipe- and air hose installation
  • Instrument air distribution
  • Network technology (computer networks)
  • Bus systems

Lifiting and Conveyor Systems

Maintenance, troubleshooting and recurring testings for:

  • Lifting devices (cranes, winches, lifting- and towing equipment)
  • elevators (people and freight)
  • Dosage system (scraper, chain conveyors,...)
  • Fastening material (wire ropes, chains, load hooks, ...)

Revision works:

  • Electrical sysetms according to electrical protection regulation
  • Electrical systems according to explosion protection regulation
  • Electrical systems subjected to official requirements
  • Lightning protection according to electrical protection regulation
  • Low voltage cables
  • IQ-check, cold test
  • Installation testing
  • Loop-check and function testing
  • E&I system inspection
  • Lightning protection