Modernisation HKW3 Stuttgart - Gaisburg

Customer:   EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Country:   Germany
Period:   July 2017 - December 2018


• Process layout, plant design

• Fabrication, supply, installation, commissioning, trial run

• 24 circulation pumps (up to 750 kg/s), 7 plate heat exchangers (up to 70 MW)

• 4000 m / 300 to pipes (excl. fittings), thereof 1600 m on new  installed pipe bridges

• Steel construction of the installation platform (~ 150 to)

• Storage for heating oil 300 m3 HEL incl. unloading station for  fuel truck and container compact unit

• Supply and installation of electrical and process control (frequency converters, sub-distribution boards, profibus-communication, T3000 field devices)

Sophisticated  procedural effort through splitting district heating distribution in 3 pipe networks