Bilfinger is an internationally positione3d comapny with a broad and diverse range of services. We therefore rely on employees, who bring a broad range of experience, qualifications and perspectives to the work they do. The diversity of our employees is undoubtedly a key factor in our ability to sucessfully rise to the challenges in a constantly changing world and to continually expand our market position.

Equal opportunity is of tremendous importance to Bilfinger. There can be no discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, disability or age. Our policy is to hire people with the right qualifications and skills for a specific job.

In 2011, we launched the project 'Women at Bilfinger' to increase the percentage of women in the total workforce and to raise the percentage of women in management positions to 15% by 2020. Key focal areas are the compatibility of career and family, more flexible working conditions, university marketing, special personnel development measures as well as an internal Women's Nework.

Quelle: Bilfinger Homepage https://www.bilfinger.com/karriere/diversity/